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Anonymous asked:

where kids are better educated about sex there are less teen pregnancies. I assume you don't live in the US because of your spelling of "color", but I think the US has absolute shit excuses for sex Ed classes. And SJWs are Social Justice Warriors (tm). The bloggers on Tumblr with good intentions (equal rights and whatnot) but dogmatic approaches. And they tend to be easily offended which was why I said that.

Yeah, I live in Australia. I couldn’t comment on other countries but I’ll go with what you’re saying. We actually don’t get taught sex ed in Australia, the closest we have to it is a small lesson in science about birth. I’ve never heard of the SJWs and I’m sure they wouldn’t bother with my blog but if they do, I’ll stand my ground and soldier on.

Thanks for the talk anon, you’ve opened my eyes to more than what I’m trying to establish. 


Anonymous asked:

Keyword is "considered", haha. I live in Puerto Rico but occasionally visit the states. (though PR is a common wealth of the US, but you get my point) It isn't uncommon here to see 14 year olds with 18-20 year olds. I don't approve of that of course, I'm just saying in a lot of cultures people sexualize young women at a young age. So, I can see your view in that respect and in their incapability to raise a child. I will say though that in more liberal countries like the Netherlands

So you do see where I’m coming from? Good to hear anon. Not many people approve of it, hence my blog.


Anonymous asked:

What is "degrading" is subjective. And at 14, there are plenty of pregnant girls- they are considered of legal age where I live. Because the right age to have kids is a matter of opinion. Also, I'm anon because I have no tumblr because I usually dislike tumblr because of the hipsters (ironically enough, whoops) but, I was bored as hell one night and decided to start lurking. Alas, this is boring now and I'm sure the SJWs will sniff you out and they are far more easily offended.

May I ask where you live anon? Because I have never heard of a place where being 14 and pregnant is both legal and not frowned upon either. In all respect anon, having kids at the age of 14 is a foolish decision. How could someone not yet wise raise a child? A 14 year old can only recieve a small ounce of pocket money not a full time or part time wage. If 14 year olds continue to have children, the population of street beggars will increase dramatically and when that occurs dramatic change will arise. The population will continue to increase drastically and perhaps inhumane action will be taken. 

The size of the population is watched with a close eye anon, a slight change upsets many so imagine a dramatic change.

I’d also like to enquire as to what the SJWs is? I haven’t heard this term before. Many are easily offended but I use this blog to send a simple message. Many “hipsters” occupy tumblr - this is true and that is why I use tumblr to send this clear message.

If a woman is going to abandon her child to go clubbing every night, what is the point? The child will grow up resentful. Some even use children as a meal ticket but the world has grown colder since then. Now children are used as a means of fitting in. Getting pregnant seems to be a foolish trend in some places.

It is true, the right age to have a kid is a matter of opinion but using them and treating them for/as what I mentioned above is beyond inhumane. 

materialistiksm asked:

How can I dress hipster? I've established the haircut.

Actually, these girls aren’t dressing hipster at all. Half don’t understand the term. 

But if you’re not joking. 

Face: thick, black rimmed glasses or any other vintage pair - e.g. brown (like grandpas)

Torso: plaid, vintage florals, images of animals or nature, one sleeved, image of a peace sign, ironic shirts, paisley art, fitted hoodies, denim jackets and/or vests, knitted jumpers and floral dresses - anything that looks vintage.

Legs: knitted/wool stockings, high wasted denim shorts, high wasted jeans and high wasted skirts (never denim).

Feet: lace up boots - preferably black, flats and any kind of cowboy boot.

Accessories: feather earrings, silver/gold necklaces and bracelets (as many as you can) and ironic charms on gold/silver chains - e.g. gold bicycle.


Anonymous asked:

You must extremely insecure or dull. Or brainwashed. Sex isn't as big of a deal as you think it is, and no one is going around fucking everything that moves. If you gauge your worth by how many people you do or do not sleep with (or how short your shorts are) that is really pathetic. But, I'm sure you don't. Because like most slut-shamers, these rules only apply to OTHER girls.

Actually i’m neither. I attend university, have passed school with flying colours and can actual maintain an intellectual conversation. I also love my body. Sex is a big deal, there are 14 year olds out there getting pregnant. In fact, if anyone is insecure anon, it’s you. Hiding behind anonymous - real brave. I do not judge all girls, just those who follow the current trend of degrading themselves to get a guy - which doesn’t work.

You are justifying these girls. For what? Answer me that anon.


Anonymous asked:

You are a misogynist. Misogyny is not only the hatred of all women. It includes stereotyping and calling women whores. I have not seen one tag on this blog under a picture of a male calling him a whore. You are purposely targeting girls because you either have low self-esteem or are on a very high horse. You are no better than the HS bully who calls the kid who loves theatre a "fag".

Dear anon, search the following tag: hipster. Scrolling through you will see there are hardly any pictures of men. The only ones I have found, are of a man doing a rather retarded pose. I have indeed commented on both sexes. I think you’re reading into this just a little too much. I don’t victimize women. I don’t hate women. I just hate the currents generation approach: sleep with everything.

Some don’t and I respect them but the majority do. 

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